Tute Tuesday – “Ridiculously easy bows”

Happy happy first Tute Tuesday Everyone! In honour of this monumental day I thought I would post a tutorial that I always (and I mean ALWAYS) use for my scrap fabrics, let’s do it!

i am a total sucker for pretty bows, so when I found this insanely easy tutorial (all credit to: A Life Unfluffed) to make the most beautiful and DSC_0399fool proof bows – not to mention they are totally quick! I slipped a Bobby pin into the back loop of the bow to make cute hair bows, an awesome addition to high messy buns! Check it out! Link to the original tutorial is below. Comment below with your completeimaged bows! I’d love to see them!

Here’s the original tutorial: http://lifeunfluffed.com/make-ridiculously-easy-bows/

See you soon! Love, Meredith xx

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