My Recipe Journal: Easy Chicken Curry

Easy Chicken Curry

Evening everyone!

Its been insanely stormy here in NSW, Australia so I thought “Hey, you know what i like on stormy days? Curry”, and i found this incredibly easy chicken curry recipe that was absolutely DELICIOUS, full of flavour and yet so quick! I used chicken drumsticks, therefore i had to cook them through first, but i loved how the drumsticks looked for presentation! I didn’t add the green apples that the original recipe recommended (we didn’t have any), and switched the lemon for lime (also because we didn’t have any). It had an amazing spicy and zesty flavour which tasted surprisingly light for a curry, I also think it would be nice with beef or even pork (Although you would probably need to change the stock) good one for this time of the year when we’re verging on summer! Anyway here it is! you can find the original recipe here: let me know how you go with it! and if you enjoyed it or not 🙂

Easy Chicken Curry

Meredith xo

p.s. the picture on the recipe book is not the chicken curry, i couldn’t tell you what it is! The book comes with these types of pics all through! Just a generic picture of… Something!


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