Into Sewing: Alice in Wonderland inspired Apron

Good morning to you, you and you! Happy Melbourne Cup Day!

Today i have a day off work (Australia LOVES any excuse for a public holiday!) so i thought i’d get around to sewing up an apron idea that i’ve been juggling about in my mind for quite some time! and here it is!

Alice in Wonderland Inspired Apron

To begin with its made of eight pieces:

  • 3 pieces for around the waist (i made it to be around 66 inches total)
  • 2 pieces for the frill around the middle piece of white fabric – I joined the two then gathered the whole piece and anything left over after attaching the frill to the central piece i just cut off.
  • 1 piece for the central white part – this piece is pretty much just a smaller mirrored piece of the larger blue piece
  • 1 large piece to use as the base – i think mine measured roughly 22 inches across once i had finished hemming it
  • 1 small red heart
The eight Pieces

To begin with i hemmed the largest blue piece, then i changed the thread to black and hemmed joined and gathered the central black spotty trim, once i had finished that i attached the frill i had made on the previous step around the white piece while keeping the black thread (I love contrasting threads!), then i sewed the heart on to the white part, after that i pinned the central part to the blue part and gathered the whole top slightly, finally i attached the waistband and concealed the top of the gathered apron.

Pretty easy huh? I will admit the hardest part (as always!) for me is hemming around curved edges! but personally i think i did a pretty good job 😉

Let me know what ya think and if this has inspired you to make your own let me know and i can create an actual pattern for you! 🙂

Now i really want to bake something….

Meredith xo


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