Table Overhaul: Steps and completed project!

Hi All,

So you may remember a while back I posted an old table I was planning to overhaul with some inspiration I have accumulated.. and I KNOW I said I would post step by step but little did I know it would only take me a day! so this post will be full of the steps I took to overhaul for the finish product! (If you just want to see the table scroll down to the bottom :))


  • Be in a well ventilated area! (Especially if using spray paint!) –  I worked in our shed with the car doors open
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a face mask
  • Wear Gloves when spray painting!

Step 2: Sanding and Dusting

Second thing I did was give the table a good dusting (and man did it need it!), once it was all free of dust i got to sanding! I will admit I had no idea we owned a power sander so I first began sanding it by hand until my father came out saying “Uh hey, you know we’ve got an actual sander right?”, thank goodness because sanding by hand was so much work! So I gave it a rough all over sand.


Step 3: Prime Time!

Other than sounding like a WWE special this was the stage I primed the sanded table to paint over the top, before i primed it I brushed all the dust from the sanding off. Priming ensured that the wood was protected, I used “White night rust guard”, luckily it was fast dry because I tend to be super impatient with projects that take a long time! So I sprayed two layers total over the table.


Step 4: Lets paint!

As mentioned earlier i’m horribly impatient so instead of hand painting it I used spray paint! I used, Purple, Blue, Green, and Gold. Considering I was going for the more bohemian look I didn’t really bother sectioning parts off instead i didn’t mind if some of the colours mixed as it added to the effect I wanted!

Step 5: Template

This was the stage I measured up the central part of the table to create the template, as per the last post I hand drew a sun and moon picture then cut out the lines with a paper knife, to get the size paper I taped four pieces of paper together. Once this was all done I put it on the table and weighed it down with rocks, then I spray painted over the template in gold and duh duh! Sun and moon picture on the top!


Step 6: Aging and sealing

The final step! After everything had dried I hand sanded all of the edges to create the aged effect on the table, and once I was happy with the amount of age I had added I sprayed a clear waterproof sealer over the whole table.

Step 7: All done!

Now that its all finished it is now sitting happily as my bedside table and I don’t know about you guys but I LOVE it! 🙂 Really happy with how it turned out!




Lookin Good!
Kitty photobomb: The table top and the template!
My new bedside table!

That’s a wrap!

Let me know what you guys think of it and I hope this inspires you all to breathe some new life into old bashed up furniture!

Meredith xo


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